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Response to Irish Times' Front Page Article, Thursday, 2 November 2023

02 November 2023

Many of you will have seen the story on the front of today's Irish Times about delays to the implementation of the defects remediation scheme.

To be clear, the article just confirms part of what we said in our newsletter last Friday.

So, for the sake of clarity -- on the basis of what we know at the moment -- the implementation of the main defects remediation scheme is unlikely to commence until 2025 and this is clearly far from ideal.

This is why the Construction Defects Alliance and the Apartment Owners' Network (AON) have been working intensely hard on bringing forward the delivery of the Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme and retrospection.

And to repeat what we said last week:

  • We are hoping that the Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme will be open for applications from OMCs before the end of this month. If not, it will be open shortly after that.
  • Further to a proposal from the Alliance and AON, the Minister for Housing has decided to bring forward retrospection and is currently working on a scheme to this end. We expect that the process of reimbursing people who have paid towards remediating defects will commence during Quarter 3 of 2024.

So while there are delays on some fronts, we are making good progress on others.