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The Government will be making key decisions on funding for an Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme over the coming weeks.

Together, we need to ensure that the scheme -- to fit fire alarm upgrades and make escape routes fire-safe -- is fully-funded by the State and that it gets underway in autumn 2023.

So, to help us achieve that we need you to email your TDs and Senators now.

Email your TDs & Senators Now

What We’ve Already Achieved

Image 25-07-2023 at 15.48Your involvement in the campaign can make a real difference and it already has.

As a reult of all of our campaigning effeorts, in January this year, the Government decided that it will set up a fully-funded defects remediation scheme to tackle fire safety and other defects.

The Government also decided in principle that it will reimburse owners who have paid or are paying for remediation costs.

We need to continue our efforts to make sure these commitments are delivered upon.